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Attracting Customers To Your Business

- Thursday, December 03, 2009
When you are in business there is one thing for sure, you never stop hunting for new clients and prospects. Even when business is running smoothly, you still have to search for and attract new customers so you can make sure your business keeps on growing. If not, then you might end up losing your business altogether.

It is vital that you market regularly!

Marketing should not stop for any reason. Even if you have a solid client base or your business is doing well. Even when the economy is in a downturn and everybody is holding on to their money. You must be attracting customers all of the time.

As we all know, targeting and attracting customers is a very difficult task. Not only is your target audience being introduced to your business, but you are trying to convince them to do business with you at the same time. This then means that you have to illustrate to them that you are unlike your competition and that you are precisely what they are looking for.

Some considerations to help you target and attract customers to your business include:

1. Find out what they are looking for.

It’s all about what your customers want. If you want to attract customers and clients to your business you have to learn to give them what they are looking for.
2. Your customers value their money.

You have to realize that unless you are able to convince your target audience that what you provide are excellent quality products and services, they will not part with their hard earned money easily.

3. Demographics.

Determine who would be most interested in your offer and who would have the best capacity to buy your products or services. If you target your audience carefully, you can attract the people who would most likely act on your offer right away.

4. Be Unique.

Make your marketing campaign stand out and give your audience a reason to become curious about your products and services. Develop a design and style that will help you become distinct and attract the attention of your target audience.

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Ecommerce Optimization – The Essence of Long Tail Optimization

- Thursday, December 03, 2009
Ecommerce optimization or “catalog SEO” is the process of ensuring the proper naming structure, meta-tags and labeling of every product found within a web store. Most ecommerce sites are dynamically created so it’s much easier to apply the required changes to the code necessary to effectively catalog each product on a granular level.

Unfortunately, there are many websites that aren't taking advantage of this for reasons like:
• The website is static
• The Content Management System, or CMS does not allow for the editing of meta-tags
• The website owner is not aware that proper SEO can impact all products

While it is true what they say, 20% of all products and services deliver 80% of the revenue. However, the remaining 20% of the Long Tail can over time easily justify the effort needed to gain and maintain the necessary rankings that lead to conversions.

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Five Necessary Business Website Components

- Monday, November 30, 2009
Today we’re going to talk about five components your business web site needs and why you need them. Just remember, these aren’t the only five components you need. You also can’t just throw these components together on a web site and expect to have a great website.

You still need some solid design work, good ease of navigation and usability and the best practice principles of search engine optimization, or SEO to have a successful site.

Component 1 - Opt-In Box

You’re missing out on one of the greatest online marketing tools today if you’re not capturing your visitor’s details with an opt-in box. An opt-in box is a component where visitors subscribe to your e-mail or newsletters by entering their name and e-mail address. Once you start building your opt-in list you can then start building a relationship with your subscribers with regular, useful contact.

Component 2 - Who you are
If you want your customers or clients buying your products or services you’ll have to build their trust. Part of building trust is sharing information about you and how your company began.

Component 3 - What you do
Obviously, you’ll need to talk about your products or services if you plan on selling them. This is where good marketing copy is very useful. At this point, investing in good copywriting can make all the difference so if you can’t write good copy that attracts visitors and convert them to customers then you should really consider hire someone who can.

Component 4 - Content that Sticks
This type of content refers to content on your website that attracts visitors and keeps them there. Consider your blog posts, articles, web videos, and other content resources, to be the super glue that keeps visitors “glued” to your website. The longer a visitor stays on you website the more likely you are to convert them to a customer. However, if you give too much away up front and make your content “too sticky”, your potential buyers may not need to buy and just settle for the freebies and never convert into sales.

5. Contact Information
All your potential clients and customers will need to know how to contact you for several obvious reasons. Being able to contact you allows them to buy from you with assurance that if they have any problems they’ll be able to ask questions or easily process any returns. Also, this gives them the ability to ask you questions prior to purchasing. Bottom line, there’s a long list of reasons customers may want to contact you but one of the most important reasons is that they’ll feel safer purchasing products or services from you if they can contact you easily. Providing a phone number and email address is the minimum. If you can, provide a physical address or get a P.O box if you work from home, don’t provide your home address.

Magnetik Salesperson is a business website management system that effectively turns your website into your best salesperson. Magnetik Salesperson implements all these components and more including a lead capture system that notifies you by email and SMS, an Ecommerce web store feature that allows you to sell products, fulfill orders, manage stock levels and automatically collect payments without extra software or effort.

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Does your business website have purpose?

- Monday, November 30, 2009
"How does a website increase your credibility?" When you ask a business owner this question you usually get a moment of silence.

The best websites are developed with a clear purpose in mind so the key is to provide some type of value.

Goal - What is the goal for your website?

Attracting new clients is the most common answer but it’s also the least substantial. What does attract new clients actually mean? What exactly is a "client" for you? Each type of client needs to be addressed differently, so if your goal is to attract new clients, first define what "client" means to you.

Goal - Establish Credibility and Increase Visibility
At this point I must emphasize that while a website has the ability to enhance your credibility and to get your business more visibility, they should not be your primary focus. In my opinion, providing your visitors with relevant and useful content that you distribute through multiple channels is the best way to generate trust for your products and services.
Goal - Build Your List
Your list is your Golden Fleece. It can ultimately provide you with a steady stream of income. Effectively communicating with the people on your list, consistently providing them with valuable information, and intermittently offering incentives to remain on your list will go a long way to help you build a highly responsive group of prospects and customers. There are many ways to build a list but the essential key is to provide something of value up front in exchange for the prospective customers email address. If it is clearly perceived as valuable all you have to do is make it easy for them to take the next step and sit back.

Some suggestions for giveaways that can help you start building your list are: A free report, A subscription, An Audio file, even a complimentary service. These are just suggestions and in this area you can be very creative.

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What do I need Search Marketing?

- Wednesday, June 10, 2009
The main reason you need search marketing is because with each generation more and more people will be using the internet instead of the old school method of "Letting your Fingers do the Walking". And with internet growing with over 100 million domains registered, believe me when I say that your site is like trying a to find a grain on salt on the beach.

This is why you need Search Marketing because in order to sell you have to be found ... of course that is just half the battle because being found just gives you 8 seconds to impress or click "bye-bye" which is the reason why you will need another part to ensure success on the net and that is a professional image.

First of many posts to come. Have a blessed day.