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How do you optimize your site for all the queries that are relevant to your business?

- Monday, February 01, 2010
Typically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on high-traffic keywords relevant to the services or products you provide. While this is very important, it shouldn’t be your businesses only focus.

Many businesses have a laundry list of relevant keywords that do not generate as much traffic as their primary keyword phrases. Few of businesses have search queries that bring in really high volumes of traffic on their own so it is important to also rank for some of the lower-traffic search queries, or long-tail search queries because ultimately they account for a generous amount of potential search traffic when combined.

In other words, without long-tail search rankings a business could very well end up receiving a fraction of the traffic they can potentially receive.

How do you optimize your website for long-tail keyword phrases?
It is a challenge to combine relevant lower traffic search queries in the right combination through URLs, title tags and content to optimize your site to the maximum.

In the Organic SEO world content is still King

When you create relevant keyword-rich content you can potentially have hundreds of opportunities to rank on the front page of the major search engines. Even though a lot of the keywords you will rank for might only bring in a few visits a month, these low search volume keywords together will often bring more traffic to your website than the more competitive keywords.

You will find that even though most of these long-tail keywords do not have as high a search volume, they are exceptionally relevant and generate more leads in the long run compared to very broad, high-volume keyword phrases.

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