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What you should know about web copy

- Monday, February 15, 2010
When you say web copy some people immediately think that you are referring to anything that is written on a web page. But that is "content" and it is decidedly different than web copy.

Simply put, web copy is the copy used to sell anything on a web page. But that's "sales copy" you say and you’re partly correct, but traditionally direct mail copy and web copy are two different things.

When writing web copy it’s best to write in a friendly, engaging style and utilize a soft-sell approach as well as make your copy more informational. People are more relaxed on the Internet. This makes them more open to writing that is relaxed, has a personal feel, and doesn't scream of selling this or that. People don't want that type of message but their use to it when it comes to direct mail copy that’s full of hyperbole and exaggerations.

So to be successful at selling online you have to write like you are talking to an individual without sounding like a salesman. A good way to do this is to use testimonials that have more of an editorial feel than a marketing one. You also want to make sure that what you’re writing engages the reader and gives them information that they didn't have before coming to your web site.

What they were looking for when they come to your website is information! And that's what they want.

Since website visitors can easily and will quickly "click" away from your site, you have to give them the relevant information up front. An effective way to do this is to use the "upside-down pyramid" style of writing like journalists do, giving your message quickly and concisely. Does this mean that all web copy should be short? Not at all! Your web copy will still need to be "as long as is necessary to make the sale. However, people still need to rationalize their decision to perform the task you want them to which is done in the remainder of your web copy. This is where you insert emotion and give the prospect the vision of what it will be like after they complete your designated task.

You still need to use direct mail techniques, but you have to use them in a way that gives more information and less hard sale tactics.

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