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Why learn HTML when a Web Content Management System is available

- Monday, March 08, 2010
As more and more Web Content Management Systems or Web CMS come on to the scene it is becoming easier to put up web pages with little or no HTML knowledge.

A Web Content Management System or Web CMS is a software system capable of managing and controlling a website’s HTML documents, images and other forms of media. A Web CMS provides timeline management and control, auditing and editing of documents.

Why a Web CMS?

In many companies a request for content change on a website is forwarded to the web development department by the content owner via a work order. The request for changes can be for reasons as simple as a bad link or text error via a work order. However, with at Web content management system the content owner can bypass the work order process entirely and make the changes themselves through the Web CMS.

Content Management Means You Don't Need HTML

Most Web Content Management Systems (CMS) work in an environment of templates. So, for example, if you were to add a link to any page of your website, you would open the web page to be edited, select the text or image you want to become a link, engage the link building function and enter in the link title, URL, and description into different fields in the link management system. The content manager would then build the link for you.

All Web Content Management Systems (CMS) come with authoring and other tools that allow users without web design skills to create and manage website content with ease.

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