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CRM success through post project planning

- Monday, March 08, 2010

Once you get your Customer Relationship Management, or CRM system up and running the project is over right? No; not by a long shot. If that’s the case why when CRM success depends on it, do many businesses fail to establish a post project implementation plan?

CRM success comes to companies that assign themselves a CRM manager to direct projects. This manager continues to oversee CRM and conduct follow up work after implementation. Additionally, depending on the company or project, some successful organizations have not limited themselves to just one CRM manager.

A CRM manager's role as falling into four categories:

  • Functional management requires visibility into all systems that interact with the CRM application including customers who interact with the business through various marketing channels.
  • Operational management involves monitoring maintenance and modifications to the CRM system as well as how data comes into the software and how it effects applications that utilize the CRM system’s information.
  • Change management oversees enhancement requisitions and ideas for improving the customer experience and prioritizing changes.
  • Strategic management seeks to align the CRM stakeholders like sales, finance and marketing in order to ensure each one obtains benefits from the system.

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