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Five rules for effective Customer Relationship Management

- Monday, December 21, 2009
Customer relationship management or CRM is viewed as one of the most valuable uses for a business website. If managed effectively, your business website can very well become your best salesperson; available on a 24 hour, seven days a week, rain or shine.

Because of this, it is well worth the while of any business owner to explore ways in which they can use their website to help their customers “serve themselves," without the need for overtime staff, or lengthy voice mail messages or phone calls.
Five rules for effective Customer Relationship Management:

1. Remain Accessible – Clearly display on your website all the ways that your prospective customer can contact you including email, phone, fax and office hours. very clearly on your site all the ways that your customer can contact you – including e-mail, phone and fax numbers, and your office hours.

2. As often as possible, return each e-mail or phone call in the same day. This may sound easy enough but a recent study showed that nearly a third of the top Fortune 100 companies fail to respond to e-mail sent through their Web site within one month!

3. Acknowledge all orders received. Keep your customers in the loop by sending e-mail confirmations on orders; auto-responders can be an effective way of doing this. If you’re shipping products, give tracking numbers and expected delivery dates.

4. Provide a clear return policy that you honor and learn from. This rule has the ability to give you more information about what’s working and what’s not. Shoppers sometimes return products with no explanation as to why, having your staff call the customer to establish and resolve the problem can be an effective way of learning about how you clients feel about product satisfaction.

5. Expect more phone calls. Regardless of your business vertical your volume of phone calls will increase as your website traffic and response rate grows.

If you can get the customer service aspects of your business website working well, there will be a positive impact on your bottom line. Magnetiks Search Marketing is in the business of assisting small and medium sized companies substantially grown their businesses online.

For more information on how our Customer Relationship Management, CRM Software Solution can turn your website into your best online salesperson call us today at (281) 362-9855.