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Ecommerce Optimization – The Essence of Long Tail Optimization

- Thursday, December 03, 2009
Ecommerce optimization or “catalog SEO” is the process of ensuring the proper naming structure, meta-tags and labeling of every product found within a web store. Most ecommerce sites are dynamically created so it’s much easier to apply the required changes to the code necessary to effectively catalog each product on a granular level.

Unfortunately, there are many websites that aren't taking advantage of this for reasons like:
• The website is static
• The Content Management System, or CMS does not allow for the editing of meta-tags
• The website owner is not aware that proper SEO can impact all products

While it is true what they say, 20% of all products and services deliver 80% of the revenue. However, the remaining 20% of the Long Tail can over time easily justify the effort needed to gain and maintain the necessary rankings that lead to conversions.

At Magnetiks Search Marketing we know SEO and we can easily apply the ecommerce SEO to all the pages our Magnetik Salesperson’s Content Management System, or CMS creates.To learn more about Magnetik Salesperson and its many online business management features, contact us or Call (281) 362-9855 today!